Individual coaching

When you train alone, it is important to have a feedback, a professional eye to know if you master the basics, if the postures, placements and grips are good.

That’s why I propose two different options in visio:

Option 1: Individual coaching

  • Duration 30 min
  • Definition of your goals and the problems you have
  • Unlocking the tricks that are causing you problems
  • Correcting your placements and movements
  • Analysis of your progression

This is not a pole class but a follow-up, if you have doubts, questions or if you want a professional feedback on your progress or on certain moves.

Option 2: Private lesson 1H

You have the possibility of taking a private lesson to work on tricks and combos that you wish to learn, master, or discover new combos or moves concocted by your teacher.

1H private lesson in person

If you wish to take a private lesson in person, if I am in your area it is also possible. I can come to your place, or we can do the class in a pole studio (for a room rental fee in addition to the class fee).


Individual coaching

Per session: 25 euros

Package of 5 coaching sessions: 110 euros

With the Silver Twist subscription (one coaching per month + unlimited access to all videos):
48 euros/month.

With the Gold Twist subscription (two coaching sessions per month + unlimited access to all videos):
72 euros/month.

Private lessons (visio)

Single lesson: 45 euros

Package of 5 private lessons: 190 euros

Private lesson (face to face)

Single lesson: 70 euros

Package of 5 courses: 300 euros

Course for 2 or 3 people: 50 euros per person.

For more information or to make appointment, you can contact me by clicking here.