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We invite you to first check out our Before starting section.


Beginner lessons

The « pole basics », for people who wish to discover pole dance or who have already practiced and wish to perfect their basics.

Intermediate lessons

For people who already practice pole dance, who have a solid foundation, who feel comfortable and who master the beginner level’s lessons.

Advanced lessons

Training on more difficult moves requiring strength and flexibility, accessible to people already practising pole dance and perfectly mastering the basics of the discipline.
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Guests workshops

Discover your favorites teachers and champions’ pole combos exclusively on Twist on air! They give you their secrets to succeed…

Pole stretch & Pole conditioning lessons

Check out here our stretch and conditioning lessons for pole dancing. Progress step by step and at your own pace. Stretching is essential when practicing pole dance or other aerial arts. Strengthening is also important when you are just starting or when you want to improve your skills and build on them. You will find different programs according to your level. Enjoy your training!
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Twist on Heels

Learn technical tutorials and choreographies in heels on the pole. Check out our guests favorites choreos !
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