TWIST ON HEELS – Wandering star choreo : Ariane Snowleo – All levels

Ariane Snowleo, Pole dance, Pole exotic, pole in heels, twist on heels

Check out a choreography in heels and its explanations by our guest Ariane Snowleo.

Artist : Portishead
Title : Wandering star

The video is divided like this:

1. Demo.
2. Explanations without music.
3. Explanations with music.
4. Explanations with music from the “student” point of view.
5. Demo.

Pole dancer, performer and teacher since 2016, Ariane Snowleo has specialized in Exotic Pole with a unique and musical style in Exotic Flow & Old School.

Her love for dance started at a young age and she has since taken classes in hip-hop and modern jazz. Trained by Doris Arnold, she became a Pole Dance teacher and her specificity is flexibility tricks & heels practice. Her creativity is based on musicality, attitude and attention to detail in both Exotic and Aerial Pole.

As a Poledancer, she has been giving Workshops in France and Europe for several years in all styles of Exotic, Floorwork, Pole dance & Flexibility.


Pole Theatre Switzerland 2018: first place Classic category

Exotic Generation France 2020: 3rd category Exotic Flow

Twist on Heels teaser :

"Wandering star" choreo by Ariane Snowleo