Pole dance combo spinning inter/advanced : Bénédicte Rinaldi

Pole dance bénédicte rinaldi

Learn a combo close to the floor with nice transitions and handstands.
Learn also the nice trick “Calfkisser” with Bénédicte!
Bénédicte comes from gymnastics, practised for 12 years in competition at the national level, her speciality was floor which mixes acrobatics and dance. After stopping to study engineering, she practised other sports such as climbing as a hobby.
It is the mix of strength and grace that she liked to find in pole, which she started in 2012. Her signature tricks are a mix of strength and flexibility. She is now a teacher and competes in many competitions.

Her titles:

Pole Art Italy 2020 2nd place

Pole Art France 2019 2nd place

Pole Art France 2018 2nd place

World Pole Art 2018 3rd place

French Championship 2017 Winner

Pole Art France 2017 2nd place / Best Show

World Polesport POSA 2016 & 2017 Finalist top 10

French Polesport IPSF 2015 Winner

Pole Theatre Paris 2014 Drama & overall winner

Combo spinning Bénédicte Rinaldi