Pole dance combo spinning inter/advanced : Lauriane Fourcade

Learn nice transitions and tricks in spinning mode with Lauriane!

After training as a classical dancer at the conservatory of Toulouse, Lauriane continued her training as a professional modern and modern jazz dancer in renowned schools in London ( pinnaple center ) and Paris ( AID , studio harmonic ) . She then danced for musicals, cabarets such as the folies bergères or Bobino as well as for artists on TV sets or on tour ( Kmaro Laurie Céline Dion Pascal obispo ……..)

She discovered Pole Dance 10 years ago and fell in love with this discipline. She started the professional training of Doris Arnold 7 years ago to teach pole dance, then she started competing and participated in many national and international competitions. She now works at the Pole & Dance studio.

Her titles:

Pole Art World 2019 2nd place Master

French Pole Dance Competition 2018 1st place Master

Pole Theatre France 2018 1st place Drama

Pole Theatre France 2017 1st place Drama

Pole spinning combo inter/avancé